XL LoopHole Spinner - Bronze Bar Style - Without Core
XL LoopHole Spinner - Bronze Bar Style - Without Core

XL LoopHole Spinner - Bronze Bar Style - Without Core

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This is the Xtra Large version of the original LoopHole but in a new bar style configuration. It really is a new design entirely but still carries the same bearing as all LoopHoles.

This is a very unique experience from all other LoopHole models, I think everyone is going to love it!

I was obviously inspired by the first ring spin that I saw and always loved the design but thought something smaller and a bit more ergonomic just may be one of the most comfortable/versatile spinners out there. And after spending a few weeks with the protoype, I really do feel it is one of most versatile spinners out there.

The LoopHole was designed around being a fidgetable and comfortable spinner, I was not shooting for any kind of record spin times. All LoopHoles come with a shielded bearing that is cleaned and shielded which will help keep your bearing cleaner for longer and also run a bit more quiet but the bearings are not silent by any means. Regular cleanings will still be necessary and you do not have to remove the shields to clean.

**All LoopHoles do not include a Core, you will need to bundle the Core with your purchase but will receive a discount if purchased together.

American made and can only be purchased at Premium Spinners.


Material - Tumbled Bronze (scratches and dings may be present due to stonewash)

Inside Diameter (ring) - .750"

Dimensions of body - 1.65” Tall x 1.30” Wide x .400” Thick

Weight of Body alone - 51g

Bearing - SR1232 cleaned and shielded

Made in the USA!