Dot² Bar Spinner - Machined Bronze
Dot² Bar Spinner - Machined Bronze

Dot² Bar Spinner - Machined Bronze

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Since I have released the LoopHole I have been wanting to design a Bar and Try Spinner. My main focus was no hot spots and the most comfortable design possible. So the Dot² was born!

The button system is a full o ring system and I have been testing the prototype model for about a month. It works perfectly but it’s actually more work in the end so I am currently testing a threaded model. I am relying on everyone that receives the first run to provide some feedback on the button system.

**Each spinner is hand assembled and tested by me. I do my best to keep all machined models oil free and scratch free but it is possible that there could be the slightest scratches and patina (on brass, bronze, and copper). Copper finish is tumbled where slight nicks and scratches will be present.


Material - Bronze with Machined Finish
Weight - 55g
Dimensions - .745” Wide, 1.95” Long, and .350 Thick
Bearing - Shielded Stainless R188
Where is it made? USA!!! Even the packaging!!