Grey Granite - Troika Minim Spinner by PolarisAT

Grey Granite - Troika Minim Spinner by PolarisAT

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The Troika was designed to fit into the market as a performance spinner at an entry level price, available to all without the inconvenience of waiting lists or kickstarter style purchase options. 

The manufacturing process guarantees uniformity, stability, repeatability & quality.

This version of the Troika Minim is made from Glass Filled PA6 following extensive materials testing for longevity & stability.

It features an ABEC rated SS bearing, chrome steel balance weights and is available with or without Swarovski crystal details.

The bearing is stripped & cleaned in house prior to assembly and left with the ball racers exposed for ease of cleaning as required by the end user. It has an H7 push fit and is fixed in the spinner using a medium strength bearing retainer (Delta 22).

It is recommended that you do not remove it unless you have the correct adhesive when replacing.

The bearing is UNLUBRICATED as supplied, as this allows maximum spin performance, but will wear with use. To clean, unscrew the centre buttons and use a local application of an acetone based cleaner, followed by a thorough blow-out with compressed air to remove residue and foreign bodies. Best practice is to avoid submerging the complete spinner in any solvents that may damage the plastic material.
Isopropyl based cleaners cause a breakdown of the chemical bonds in Nylon materials and using them can seriously damage the spinner.