Apollos Flare “Midnight” Green Glow
Apollos Flare “Midnight” Green Glow
Apollos Flare “Midnight” Green Glow

Apollos Flare “Midnight” Green Glow

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**This is a Special Edition of the Apollos Flare that has a black anodized aluminum body and Green Glow Resin weights**

The Apollos Flare was a product of a spinner design that a machinist had designed and I helped refine. In my opinion it is one of the most unique spinners on the market today. It is very visually appealing and is also very fidgetable. Sometimes you will have spinners that look amazing but may not feel that great to actually use. The Apollos Flare is a truly a functional piece of art and a spinner you will want to carry with you every day.

Made in the USA and Exclusive to Premium Spinners!

Three things to note with this rendition:

1) Due to the resin varying in density, they may not spin 100% balanced but very close

2) Due to the light weight of both the aluminum body and the resin it does not spin very long

3) The resin and aluminum together make the sound resonate a bit more than if it had metal weights


Material - Anodized Aluminum Body, Green Glow Resin, and Brass or Copper Buttons
Outside Diameter - 2.4"
Thickness - .275"
Weight - 43g
Bearing - R188 retained by D rings
Made in the USA!