About us

I started dabbling in fidget spinners back in September of 2016 and became immediately obsessed. I spent hours and hours researching bearings, 3D printers, and kickstarter campaigns. After spending thousands of dollars (yes thousands) on multiple different spinners I decided I wanted to try my hand at selling them. This was not my first business endeavor with website sales, I also own a custom pool cue website where I sell high end custom pool cues.

The Troika Minim by PolarisAT was the first spinner that I carried on my website. PolarisAT was ahead of the curve with their plastic mold injection spinner and I knew I had to carry them. I was and still am the only US Retailer for the Troika Minim but with China coming into the spinner world it entirely changed the game with plastic spinners.

I started thinking about different spinner designs and trying to separate myself from the crowd. The first unique design I dreamt up was the SpinClip which then was the only carabiner spinner on the market. It was hugely successful but again, China has copied the design.

The LoopHole is the newest design that myself and a designer came up with. I knew the “ring spin” scene was quickly gaining traction and I saw a need in the market for an affordable and fidget able ring spinner. I truly think the LoopHole is one of the most ergonomic and versatile spinners out there.