Dot³ Spinner - Tumbled Stainless
Dot³ Spinner - Tumbled Stainless

Dot³ Spinner - Tumbled Stainless

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Since I have released the LoopHole I have been wanting to design a Bar and Tri Spinner. My main focus was no hot spots and the most comfortable design possible. So the Dot² and Dot³ were born!

The button system is a full o ring system and I have been testing the prototype model for about a month. It works perfectly but it’s actually more work in the end so I am currently testing a threaded model. I am relying on everyone that receives the first run to provide some feedback on the button system.

**The tumbled stainless finish may show light scratches and possible light dings.


Material - Stainless with Tumbled Finish
Weight - 74g
Dimensions - 1.815"” Wide and .310 Thick
Bearing - Shielded Stainless R188
Where is it made? USA!!!