T-6v2 Mini - LoopHole Spinner - Without Core
T-6v2 Mini - LoopHole Spinner - Without Core

T-6v2 Mini - LoopHole Spinner - Without Core

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I was obviously inspired by the first ring spin that I saw and always loved the design but thought something smaller and a bit more ergonomic just may be one of the most comfortable/versatile spinners out there. And after spending a few weeks with the protoype, I really do feel it is one of most versatile spinners out there.

The LoopHole was designed around being a fidgetable and comfortable spinner, I was not shooting for any kind of record spin times. All LoopHoles come with a shielded bearing that is cleaned and shielded which will help keep your bearing cleaner for longer and also run a bit more quiet but the bearings are not silent by any means. Regular cleanings will still be necessary and you do not have to remove the shields to clean.

Just like with all LoopHoles, I do not guarantee any kind of spin times but with their very light weight they will not spin nearly as long as a full size LoopHole.

American made and can only be purchased at Premium Spinners.


Material - Tumbled Stainless - No Knurl

Outside Dimensions - 1.235” Outside Diameter - .250” Thick

Inside Diameter (ring) - .750"

Weight of Body alone - Stainless Steel 14g and Brass 15g

Bearing - SR1232 cleaned and shielded

Made in the USA!